Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday-

  06/18 Music for the Hopeful-

  Young love starts with an open heart filled with hope. One of the characters that first appears in Book 3 of my Zogone saga, Ancient Enemies, is a great example. Her name is Jade and she is half wiccan/ half vampire. A witch named Lady Shard Bartram, Jade’s mother, was attacked by a vampire and ended up giving birth to Jade as a result of the attack.

  At puberty, Jade starts blacking out, attacking people, so with good reason she perceives herself as a monster. Before the Zogone soldiers find her she becomes isolated, withdrawn, terrified to get close to anyone. That is until she meets Borus Hardigan. Borus is a teenager only a short year older than her with major monster issues of his own.

  In each other they find what they need to feel human again. Meeting Borus is like waking up and finding what she had always been looking for and instantly they knew they belonged together.
As a special side note, I had to share this fun fact. When this video first came out, I got an amazing surprise.
  Whenever this video came on TV I noticed something. My son’s ferret Scooter would stop whatever he was doing- eating, playing, ect to just turn around and watch TV. It seems that this is his favorite song and he is completely in love with Taylor Swift.

  Yes, that sounds nuts. But in her next video ‘Mine’, her boyfriend and her argue and she cries. When Scooter saw this, he ran across the room, hide his face in my arm and hiccupped until I changed the channel. No one makes Scooty’s Taylor cry. And there is some real young love for you! :)

  When you spend all day sitting with the lap top and little critters, you notice all sorts of things about them. Plus, the song is great for writing YA scenes.

You Belong With Me By: Taylor Swift

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