Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Hunks plus special reminder

06/20 A Hunk in Big Trouble-
  Nero watched with his heart pounding in his chest, as Melanie ran toward him. From the
corner of his eye, he saw sunlight flash off of metal, as a gun was raised, then heard the
deafening sound of a bullet being ejected from a gun's chamber. His legs moved of their own
accord, while he ran as fast as he could, then grabbed Melanie and swung her around.

  The impact of the bullet racked her body sending trimmers all the way through his. Nero
saw the bullet go through her arm and knew the second her life blurred before her eyes taking her
to a world of nothingness, as well feel her body become almost boneless. Nero slung her up to
lie in his arms, ran and leaped into the air.

  Their bodies flew over the ship's railing and they fell straight into the waters below.
Wave after wave pulled him under, pulled him deeper, then deeper still, trying to rip Melanie
from his arms. The fight didn't leave him, as he kicked harder, refusing to let the evil waters
steal his adored wife.

  Using every bit of strength he had left in his body, he kicked his way to the surface and
gasped for air. The stinging water filled his eyes and forced him to blink to be able to see.
Finally he could look around, which helped show him the way to Sully, who was forcefully
rowing toward them.

  When they were close enough Nero shoved Mel into the small boat, before pulling
himself in after her. He laid there for a moment, trying desperately to draw in a breath of fresh
air, all the air his poor lungs were begging for. There was still shouts echoing from the ship
behind them, which forced him into action. He picked up the second set of oars and started
paddling along with Sully, with every muscle in his body screaming in anguish.

One Wish

  P.S. Don't forget this Friday is the SFR Brigade Mid-summer Blog Hop. Stop by and leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of my newest release Talkers and hop along to the other links listed on the right of my screen. In all 37 fabulous science fiction romance authors will be telling you mystical or scientific stories related to the event, and they'll each be giving away a prize - books, gift cards, swag bags...and lots more! Plus there's TWO GRAND PRIZES! 1st Prize - a Kindle Touch or Nook Touch 2nd Prize -a library of science fiction romance titles from over 20 authors (these will be mostly ebooks with one print anthology), and an Anabanana Gift Card. All you need to do to enter is pop along to the blogs and comment on as many as you want (only ONE comment per site will count as an entry). Each time you comment at a stop, you'll earn one entry into the grand prize - so the more sites you visit, the greater your chances of winning. The winners will be drawn at random on the 24th June and announced on the SFR Brigade site.And I'll add a special post for this too.

  Have a great day and happy reading!

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