Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday-

  06/11- Music to Make Magic-

  For a very special music day… Tonight is my son’s Spring Concert for chorus at school. So this Music Monday is for him.

  Writing scenes with witches takes a little magic in itself. In Book 3- Ancient Enemies and Book 4- New Beginnings of my Zogone saga the witches of the Bartram clan step in. Actually this family first appeared in my book Vale, the first book in my Bartram series. Why have you never heard of this you wonder? Because witches are a tricky breed. Vale was never completed and book two of the series lies in a pile of series guidelines and notes.

  The main female character Petra Bartram is a willful young woman, who still to this day (five years later) fights me. When she meets Vale she chooses him for her life mate, not bothering to give him a say in the matter. The problem is she becomes so single-minded in becoming Vale’s, that she starts to come off solely depended on him. It was almost as if she became completely useless without him and being a very strong empowered witch that was just uncalled for.

  So, until she straightens up and becomes an independent woman again, she gets to sit in the bad girl corner. On the other hand, her sister Snow got tired of waiting for her turn at a love story. Despite the Bartram family time line I had written up for the Bartram series, Snow slides into the Zogone saga.

  Snow pointed at Josh and in the way of Bartram women said, “This one is mine,” dragging her Aunt Shard and Cousin Jade along with a couple of other relatives through the Zogone sags.

  To write the witch clan’s magic, I borrowed a little magic from King Mickey. This is the theme song for one of my son’s favorite video game series, Kingdom Hearts. It is the brain child of Square Enix and Disney. My T.J. not only loves this game, but all of the games by Square Enix. His dream is to one day move to Japan and become a game designer for their company.

  This video is actually a clip from the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. Watch it and find a little of Sora’s magic!

Simple and Clean By: Utada Hikaru

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